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  Size Chart & Measurement

To help you choose the right size prom/evening dress, please refer to the Size Chart below for petite through to plus size prom/evening dresses. If you are unsure of what size of prom/evening dress to select, please Contact Us (E-mail: dress4u@gmail.com).

Bridal Size Chart U.S
26 28
57  60
49  52
59.5  62.5
Hollow to Hem
Open seams with 1.5" allowance

How to Measure:

To ensure accurate measurements we suggest having a professional seamstress measure you. If you do not get a professional seamstress to take your measurements you should follow this guide to ensure proper fit.
Please Note: You should always have someone else take your measurements, physically measuring yourself will provide you with inaccurate numbers, so please have someone help you.

These gowns can be custom made according to your measurements.
If your measurements are way off my size chart, we are happy to make the gown according to your measurements as long as you agree that final alteration might be needed for best fit.

For Example:                  Size unit: centimeters  or  inch             
1.Full Bust =   37 inches
2.Waist =   28 inches
3.Hips =   40 inches
4.upper bust =
5.under bust =
6.Nipple to Nipple =
7.Shoulder to Shoulder =
8.Length shoulder to bust =
9.Front Length Shoulder to Waist =
10.Outer Leg =                  (from waist to floor with your shoes on)
11.Height =                    (from the top of head to floor without shoes)
12.Dress color = 

We strongly recommend that you have your measurements taken by a professional before buying any gown online. Please follow the measurement instructions, and measure yourself carefully. 

How to choose a correct size

IMPORTANT!Please choose the size from the chart below. Please don't choose the size according to the everyday wear. You need to measure the fullest bust, natural waist and the fullest hips, then compare with my size chart in order to choose a correct size. Please understand that final alteration is needed to achieve the best fit for most dressing gowns.The corset back wedding gown can adjust one size up without any problem. So if you fall between 2 sizes, please choose the smaller size because the corset will adjust the fitting beautifully. But If you fall between a few sizes, please choose the bigger size because it's easier to take it in rather than letting it out. Since this is a full skirt gown, the hips measurement doesn't need to be taken into consideration unless your hips are significantly bigger than the following standard, e.g. 5 or 6 inches bigger. That means if your bust and waist are close to size 12, but have a 44" hips, you still can go for size 12.

If you are very tall or short, we can adjust the length for you. Please let us know your total height from HEAD TO FLOOR WITH SHOES ON. Final alteration might still be needed for the best fit.  

If your size is off the chart, we can adjust the fitting for you. Please give us your measurements of fullest bust with bra on, natural waist, fullest hips and your total height from HEAD TO FLOOR WITH SHOES on.

Measurements can be taken a little bit firm for the corset back gown. But don't pull it tight.

There are many different size charts in your country and wedding dress sizes are different from normal size charts. So do NOT buy by size. The best way is to compare her accurate bust and waist measurements with the bust and waist measurements listed in our description to see which one is best for her. How to adjust her bust and waist measurements easily?
There are lots of common undergarments that can adjust her bust and waist measurements easily. Most brides do not put on the wedding dress directly. Instead, most brides first put on some undergarments to adjust their bust and waist measurements so that they can achieve a more beautiful body shape before putting on the dress. (For example, those push-up undergarments, adjustable undergarments, corset etc.) Furthermore, vast majority of our wedding dresses have 4 inches of seam allowance. It means the bust and waist measurements of that wedding dress can be altered 4 inches bigger (2 inches on each side) and 4 to 6 inches smaller, about 3 inches smaller on each side. (In other words, if the wedding dress has seam allowance, the bust and waist measurements of that wedding dress can be altered bigger or smaller. If there is no seam allowance, the bust and waist measurements of that specific wedding dress cannot be altered bigger or smaller.)

It is very easy for any bride to adjust her height. Here is how:
The skirt length of our wedding dresses is designed for the height of majority of ladies. Furthermore, it is so easy for any bride to adjust her height by using any (or all) of these options:
Option 1: The heels can easily add 1 to 4 inches to her height; (For example, flat-heels can add 1 inch while high-heels can add 4 inches to her height easily.)
Option 2: Adjust the fullness of the skirt. (A full skirt means the length of the skirt is shorter; a less full skirt means the length of the skirt is longer etc.)
Option 3: Shortening the end of the hem (i.e. the end of the front skirt) easily if the hem is plain (no beading, no pattern etc.) or shortening the inner conjunction where the bodice and hip sections join. Normally you do not need Option 3 because Option 1 and Option 2 can let you adjust her height from 1 inch to 6 inches easily. (Furthermore, we have done a lot more for our quality wedding dresses and other products. You can buy with full confidence from us.)

Measuring Instructions

Full Bust         inch                         

Measure around the fullest part of the bust    

Waist               inch
Firstly tie a piece of ribbon or string around the natural part of your
waist. This would be your torso at the smallest point. Leave the string
in place while you do the rest of your measurements as you will need
it for reference with some of the other measurements

Hips                  inch

Take the measurement around the hips at the fullest point, take note of how far down from the waist that you are measuring.

Upper bust:       inch

Measure above your breast as shown in the diagram.

Udder bust:        inch

Measure under the breast as shown in the diagram. 

Nipple to nipple:      inch

Measure across the bust nipple to nipple.

Length of Should to bust:     inch

Measure from the top of your shoulder to the nipple.

Front Length Shoulder to Waist    

Measuring from the same point on your shoulder, go down over the top
of your nipple to the waist.

Outer Leg         inch

Measure from the string/ribbon around your waist to the floor.  Please ensure you have a shoe similar in height to those you intend to wear on your wedding day.

Arms eye         inch

This measurement gives us the size of the sleeve hole that you are comfortable wearing.  This measurement is entirely subjective and you can make it as deep or as tight as you are comfortable with. 

Shoulder to Shoulder    inch

From the edge of the shoulder socket, measure all the way over to the same point on the other shoulder along the back, as shown in the diagram.

Neck       inch           

Measure loosely around the neck.  You will not need this measurement unless your garment has a high neck or collar.

Arm Length      inch

Measure from your shoulder point to the wrist. Also give measurement with your elbow bend, should be about an inch longer.

Biceps          inch

Position your arm as the diagram, now measure the fullest part of the

Upper arm length       inch   

Measure from the outer shoulder down to the elbow .

Length of armpit to elbow:     inch

Measure the outside of your arm from the armpit to the elbow

Hollow to hem :     inch

Measure from the hollow of your neck to the hem of where you want
your dress to come to. Stand very straight when taking this measurement.

       We currently accept the payment with credit card or Western Union. Contact Us by E_mail: dress4u@gmail.com  bestdress4u@gmail.com
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